Thursday, June 6, 2013

Things that would make chemo better

1.       A mani/pedi person. I would pay for this service. They highly recommend not to have any of these services done while on chemo due to risk of infection. But if you have it done WHILE in chemo, if you get a cut, you’re already in the hospital!! So two for one.

2.       Healthy food at check in. They preach and preach about eating nutritiously but when you get there: muffin tops and cookies.

3.       Movies to watch – Some new releases that just came out so people who bring their laptops in and realize their wifi sucks ass have something to do for 3 hours

4.       More light. I am really lucky to have a well light chemo room. It’s bright, cheery and the nurses are as well.

5.       Less light for those who want to sleep

6.       A wristband with my information on it so you stop waking me up every 30 minutes to hour to make sure I am who I say I am. Really? You think some sick fucker wants to come have chemo. Sweet! Let them take my week.

7.       Any spa services. A facial, some eye creams, something other people have tried that works on their skin

8.       Being on time. You all expect my ass at a certain time, then you should run on time, as well. My phlebotomist gets me in speedy so I know you aren’t waiting on my blood work to get me into chemo. I realize I’m at your mercy but I have a life to live too.

9.       Private rooms when/if needed. I don’t want to be chatty all the time with people.

10.   Hugs. When you’re done with chemo for the day, the unplug you and that’s it. I would like a hug when I’m done. It makes the sickness easier to deal with.

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