Thursday, June 13, 2013

Needful Things

Things I have found helpful during chemo:


1.       People checking in on me. I hear this often , “I know there are a ton of people checking on you”..blah blah blah. Well, here’s the hard truth; there aren’t people who check on me. There are 5 people who check on me routinely. FIVE.  That’s it. So if you think you want to call and say hi, you should. Text messages are perfectly acceptable. Sure I know I have an army behind me but it’s nice to actually KNOW it.

2.       LUSH products – Yes, I am specific. LUSH makes amazing bath products. They are amazingly helpful with my nausea, extremely dry skin/face/body and relaxation. There is nothing that calms me down like a 15 minute soak in a nice lavender bath. Or preventing my ultra dryness every day/night with their lotions and bath soaks. Feeling like I don’t look like I am flaking away helps so much. And the 15 minutes of alone time helps me gather my thoughts.

3.       Make up – Sephora and Ulta have been a god send to me. I can put on some bare minimums or go full gusto. It’s amazing how feeling nice on the outside feels good on the inside.

4.       SOUP – After chemo it’s all I want. I have someone who has been making it for me but tonight I am going to make my own to prepare for this weekend. My favorites are matzo ball and tortilla.

5.       Friends hanging out – I can’t go any place on chemo weekends because we don’t know how I feel. The last few chemo weekends have had a few people over for games. And these people have been really understanding when I had to get up and go to bed. They keep RadLad company while I rest and have kept my spirits high.

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