Monday, June 10, 2013

Come on get down with the sickness

So Friday the 7th was my 5th chemo treatment and it’s just taking me this long to tell you about it.


My chemo has six stages, two for each stage = 12 treatments. I just started stage 3 and it’s


Now is the time when ALL of the things they warned me about started happening: ALL AT ONCE.


Hunger? What’s that. My need/want to eat is gone. When I do want to eat, all I want is bread and soup. I lost 10 of the 15 pounds I gained.


I’m sick to my stomach all the time. I want to spew chunks at the thought of eating some foods. And I have been known to spew chunks after everything I eat, no matter what it is.


I shaved my head and it’s hardly growing back. Neither does the hair on my legs or my eyebrows.


I am tried all the time. When I have a not tired day, I try to do everything and I end up exhausting myself so I can’t even move. RadLal had to carry me from one chair to another so I could eat dinner. And I hardly ate anything.


Everything tastes weird. Metallic. Even chocolate. Boo.


All I want to do is lay about and do nothing but I end up sleeping.. So I feel like a lazy sloth who doesn’t contribute to life. Soooo I work myself harder and get more tired. The vicious circle.


Chemo is again this Friday and I’m all out of meds.. so if you wanna donate a little to the fund, you can.. There is a link on the right ---à


I’m doing ok. My wigs are hot and I had to take it off yesterday while at breakfast. I cried, a lot. No one seemed to notice, or care. EXCEPT ME.


It’s still traumatic that I have stage 4 cancer and I’m handling everything like a trooper. I’m pretty proud of how strong I have been.  Even in my emo crying moments, I stop crying, shake my head and move on. I have a pretty amazing support system. So that really helps.


I’m coming up on my halfway through chemo this Friday or appointment 6 of 12. Then the following weekend there is a halfway through chemo party. I’m super excited to be halfway through the treatments.. I hope I can make it all the way through the party. Since I just want to sleep. Motivation to do anything sucks!!


Anyway! I love you guys!


Thanks for reading my babble today.