Thursday, May 16, 2013

When I decided to give cancer the middle finger...

And then you discover that Cancer/chemo controls everything about your life. Food tastes weird (if you even want to eat). If you keep it down, you’re lucky. Then sometimes you get the squirts.. EVEN BETTER. Sometimes you want to eat ALL THE THINGS. Most days you just want to live. Sex can’t happen a few days after chemo. So that’s screwed up too (or not screwed at all hahah). And you get the false sense you’re ok and then the sickness hits you. Then you discover you take more pills than your grandparents combined; ALL FOUR OF THEM. And work is a mess. You feel bad and you want to keep working. So you push yourself harder. This makes you look stupid in front of your employees. Because THEY all know you should be resting but LAWD FORBID you take a rest…


So I said FUCK THIS. It was the week of the Boston Marathon and West disasters when I realized that *I* had control of this life and cancer wasn’t going to take everything from me. So before cancer could take my hair I decided to shave my head.


WAIT! Let me explain. I am fairly conservative when it comes to how I dress. My mouth and attitude are anything but conservative. I had a lovely swing bob. Short in the back and went to long in the front. I dyed it black (black black black number ooonnnnee)  to cover my grey. And I was religious about getting it done.

I got up in front of 150 of my closest friends and explained how they were an inspiration to me and how each of them has made an impact on my life and they do the same for every person they meet. I explained that in that terribly tragic week, people needed to escape. Each of them had the power to help me escape. To hold my hand through my own tragedy and they could do the same thing for the tens of thousands of people they were going to see.


So.. I then shaved my head…









I have ALWAYS wanted a purple mohawk. Mom told me ‘not while in my house’. Then life passes you by and then.. You get cancer and discover wigs and think, “well fuck. If I’m going to lose it anyway. Why not?”.


Best part of it is.


Mom loves it.

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  1. You're way to young to have gray hair! The purple mohawk is awesome, and so are you!