Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BJ Mouth - PUlmonary test, same thing, right?

So after two stages of chemo (there are 6 stages total of mine – 12 treatments) they send you off to get your heart and lung tested. As stated in the all about chemo blog, the first two poisons they give you to kill the cancer, also hurt your heart and lungs. Since I have the hugest tumor in my lungs, they want to make sure I can survive the chemo.


So, the doc sends you for a pulmonary test. This test involves you sitting in a box, putting a plug onto your nose, wrapping your mouth around this round device that sticks out, with your lips only,  and moving your tongue out of the way.


It’s TOTALLY BJ Mouth!! Doc is helping me with my technique??  I mean, look at the guy in the pic. Really? Except they told me to put the whole tube in. ...REALLY


Anyway, you sit in front of this machine. And you cannot help but to place your hands on it…In an awkward manner to make sure the machine goes right where you want and you can puff/suck as needed in the most comfortable way possible.


So there I am puffing and sucking air into this machine, in front of my mom and the male attendant, trying not to think about exactly what is happening. I don’t want to start laughing and this test is super important.


So there are four stages to this test


1)breathe normally a lot, then inhale and PUSH the air out. Do this three times in a row and try not to pass out


2) breathe normally, then pant (no really), then they close off the air (keep panting and try not to think about the fact you are sucking on this tube in your mouth) then inhale and PUSH until you can’t push anymore


3) breathe normally, pant, exhale all the air out.. wait 6 seconds, suck all the gas in your mouth, hold then PUSH it all out… and finally SUCK


4) I don’t remember the test. I think by then I was trying to block out the head helper machine and focus on the breathing portion.


So.. here’s the good news folks. Chemo girl is getting better. My diffusion rate is still abnormal but I have a TUMOR in my lungs.


So the chemo is working. And my adventures will still be around for a while.



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