Thursday, May 23, 2013

Get mah hur did, gurl - Custom wig? Not so much

As discussed in previous episodes with chemo girl, I shaved my head. I had a killer purple chemo-hawk. Then it started to fall out in chunks (BOO!). So I shaved the damn thing. Screw you cancer. I won’t let you take my hair on your terms. It’s my terms, bitch.


ANYWAY, part of my insurance coverage is that I am allowed one wig (head prosthesis, really) every 4 years. Insurance covers a wig?! Sweet. So I make an appointment with a specialty boutique dealing specifically with cancer patients. I walk in and there are head covers, a salon area with a lady getting her wig trimmed to fit her face, head mannequins with wigs and a complete room full of bras with breasts already in them. The ladies are very nice.


I go back for my scheduled appointment time and start trying on some wigs. I am thinking they are going to fit my head with a special wig. Surely they are going to do something different than any of the 30 beauty supply shops I have purchased wigs from. So she sits me in the chair, puts the hair protector on my head (for sanitary purposes only) and plops the wig on. And of course, I love it. Since I am painfully familiar with my coloring and what colors look good on me, the first wig is perfect. So I ask her to go ahead and fit this one to my head because I like it. So she takes the wig off and adjusts the straps.. O.O. I thought this wig was going to customized for my head. This is what we talked about… That’s not a service they offer. WHAT?! I took 3 hours off of work for a beauty supply store for cancer patients? Not even a custom wig fitting? So I’m a little pissed. So I say, ‘Fine. I’ll take this one’. She says ok and starts to write up the order for it. And says my portion will be $100. WHAT?!?!? $100? Honey, you aren’t dealing with an amateur here. I go to beauty supply stores. I have 10 wigs and you want to charge me what?! Apparently the wig is $300 but my insurance will only cover $200 so I would have to pay the extra $100.




Beauty supply stores have real lace front wigs made with REAL HAIR for $200. The MOST I have paid for a synthetic wig is $60. Needless to say, I left the store empty handed and disappointed.


In my opinion, this store is taking advantage of cancer patients. Most people with cancer aren’t sure where to turn. AND AGAIN MY OPINION, Most of the people in that area would probably never step foot in a beauty supply place or even know that beauty supply stores carry wigs. I can get 8 wigs for what they were charging my insurance company for just one. I can get the SAME service at one of the stores I go to in Lewisville.


I didn’t buy a wig from that store. I didn’t buy anything from that store. Not even a support pin. I didn’t donate a dime. I won’t. I find it sick that they are taking advantage of cancer patients. I don’t know about most people but even with my insurance covering a lot of my expenses, I still don’t have $300 laying around for a wig. I cried when I spent $100 for 4 wigs.


Needless to say, I will be continuing to purchase my wigs from the beauty supply stores and online. Right now, I am fortunate and have a variety to choose from. But wigs will lose their shape and when it is time, I’ll just spend $30 and get another. Not be taken advantage of because I am sick.




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