Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Bone Marrow Biopsy or Why I am a Genuine Badass

Part of getting chemo started is making sure that the cancer has not spread into your marrow. This requires a special procedure .. the biopsy.


So they wheel my happy ass down to the place where it is going to happen. First they are going to give me a sedative to calm me down. Then they are going to numb the area so I feel pressure but not the pain. Next, they are going to stick a needle into my pelvis/tail bone and pull some marrow out. Finally,  they will send it off to the lab for the results.


This is all fine with me. I have to get it done.. Chemo is in two days. It’s do or die time. So they start to take my vitals.. My blood pressure is REALLY LOW. They cannot do the procedure without the medication. It’s super painful I am told. So they give me a quarter of the medication and then wait five minutes. They give me a quarter more of the medication and wait five more minutes… y blood pressure drops more. So they tell me, we cannot give you any more medication. We will have to reschedule or you can hold my hand and we get this done.


Readers, I have chemo in two days. This MUST get done.


So I inhale, hold the anesthesiologist’s hand and say ‘DO  it’.


So they go in… to my tailbone… with half anesthesia.. and half numbing….




I hold her hand. She wipes my tears. And I get it done.


And I actually get the title ‘Genuine Badass’ from the doctor performing the procedure.


The next day when I go in for the port… the anesthesiologist gives me a high five.


I am a badass. I remember this day every time I feel like I just don’t wanna and I keep going.



  1. Seal Team 6 has nothing on your bad-assedness. Your strength and courage are inspirational. I am in awe.

  2. A lot stronger than I think a lot of people realize. Go you! <3