Thursday, October 24, 2013

Waiting.. Still the hardest part

Good news. My MRI came back and there was nothing there. I have a brain (still to be diagnosed) but there was signs of a brain in there just maybe not functioning at te right levels.. hahah


Bad news. My biopsy came back as inflamed. Which wouldn’t be much to be upset about except they were only able to biopsy the top one  because the bottom one is too close to major organs and arteries… and other shit. (soo gangsta)


So tomorrow is specialist day..


Where we get to see if he’s going to send me to one of his guys for a different biopsy OR open my lung up and go in to biopsy the other one.


Why this is important.


If my oncologist thought it was just inflammation, we wouldn’t be worried. Give it a couple months.. blah blah blah. But I have symptoms… night sweats, coughing, etc.




I’m angry.


I’m passed angry.


I want tomorrow done.


I want a game plan.


Now everyone huddle up.







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