Monday, October 28, 2013

It's oh so quiet... It's oh sooo still

I have left a nugget of information about my diagnosis and have backed away.

Truth is I am terrified that this is my reality again for the next few months.

And yes, I know I will get through it. And yes, I know that in the end I will be fine.

Since the first biopsy came up inconclusive and they cannot biopsy the mass in my lower left quadrant of my left lung, they are going to try to do another biopsy tomorrow.

Once I know what this all means I will let you all know.

Truth is, no one really has an idea until after tomorrow.

Results will be before Friday; part of me hopes for tomorrow since I am going in so early.

Guys: What is terrifying about all of this is that I had 5 weeks between my last chemo and my positive pet scan. With the chemo still in my system, the cancer was all, "wassup?!?!". What's worse is how rare it is for Hodgkin's Lymphoma to START in the lung.

Why do I gotta be all overachieving and shit?

I think it's time for a LUSH bath and to find my phhhmmmm 6am is early.

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