Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Listen up and HEAR me please

I need you all to LISTEN and HEAR what I am saying. Many of you seem to be missing a very valuable part.

Yes, I am POSITIVE I am going to beat the cancer. THAT IS NOT WHAT THE PET SCAN RESULTS ARE ENTIRELY FOR.I'm looking for my 5 year survival rate, friends. And don't tell me the statistics are there to be broken. THEY ARE THERE FOR A REASON. So LISTEN TO THE HARSH REALITY that I have had to face and hold my hand for the time we have left together. Hopefully we have five years.


The survival rate is ABOUT 65% BUT GOES DOWN FROM THERE because

-          I have/had bulky masses

-          I have/had  stage 4

-          I have/had type B

-          I have low white blood cell counts

-          I am anemic


About the only thing that I have going for me is that I am below 45 years of age and not male.


I am not throwing in the towel.


I am not telling you all to no longer have hope. Please continue to have hope. But stop telling me to not look at statistics. They are there for a reason.


I just need you all to realize that just because they get rid of the cancer, doesn’t mean my fight is over.


My fight is far from over.  Fight or die.


  1. It's a VERY harsh reality. I will see you Sat. I'm never going to take your time for granted. I have before and I will never again.

  2. No, it's not over. Anxious to hear how this PET scan goes and what it tells you and where you go from there. One brave, steady step at a time, lady. Looking forward to Friday whatever it may tell you.

  3. Once the chemo treatments stop, I would immediately start a naturopathic regimen to restore your immune system, etc. Just my 2 cents :) HUGS!!!